Advice Sessions

Our Marriage Advice Team provides you with Shariah advice on seeking a suitable spouse and getting married.

Just book a consultation session with one of our specialists for expert guidance on:

  • How to search for a suitable spouse?
  • How to look into a suitable proposal?
  • How to handle a proposal?

Our specialists will also be able to advice you on marriage agreements, negotiations on matters such as Dowry, gifts, living arrangements, and any other aspects that you may want Shariah guidance on.


The 15-Minute Consultation

If you already have a proposal in mind, book a FREE 15 minute consultation session with us.

The session will touch upon:

  • Delivering a proposal appropriately
  • Handling a proposal appropriately
  • Approaching reluctant parents
  • Dealing with compatibility issues
  • Seeking more information about a proposal
  • Preparing for initial meeting
  • Performing 'Istikhara' prayer

This session is FREE, but if you believe that your situation may take longer than 15 minutes, please book a full consultation session.


 Alternatively, you may also consider attending our next Marraige Preperation Course.