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Nikah Services

MFM Nikah Services

MFM Nikah Service include the following: 

- Sermon by Imam
- Nikah Commencement
- Be Guardian for the bride as applicable*
- Nikah Certificate

Nikah Fees:

- Nikah at MFM Office: £250
- Nikah at location other than MFM Office: £300

Mediation & Islamic Counselling Services

Conflicts can arise in all aspects of our life - between spouses, siblings, parents and children, and work colleagues.

But these conflicts do not need to burn bridges. Most of these conflicts can easily be resolved. With our unique approach to this mediation & counseling, we are confident in successfully helping you resolve your problems.

Since everyone's circumstance is different, we do not ask you to make any block bookings now. Simply book one session, and then we can create a tailored programme to suit you.

Islamic Counselling

Fee per one hour session - £50

Mediation Service

Fee per one hour session, based on your annual income:

Initial Session - £50
Up to £20,000 - £50
£21,000 to £40,000 - £60
£40,000 to £60,000 - £70
£61,000 and Over - £100

Mediation Service - Others

A permanent mediator will deal with each case, but you may request for an additional mediator. Fees for an extra mediator:
£20/session (for annual incomes below £25,000)
£30/session (for annual incomes above £25,000)

If requested, we can also provide a Mediation Report at a charge of £30 per report.

Matchmaking Services

At Muslim Family Matters, we believe in helping you through all stages of the Matchmaking process, and of course, matching you with someone suitable is a big part of what we do!

We advice that you arrange to meet us for a FREE 15-minute consultation before booking any specific service

But if you are sure about the service you need, please click on the relevant button below to proceed.

Pre-Marriage Advice Session - £50

Ideal if you are not sure how to proceed with your marriage arrangement or your search for the right person

Nikah Arrangement Team

Allow our Nikah (Marriage) Arrangement Team to help you solemnise your Nikah, from arranging an Imam for the day to issuing you a Muslim Family Matters Nikah Certificate.

Solemnising of Nikah & MFM Marriage Certificate: £300*

Marriage Services

Our Marriage Counselling Programme is a 4 hour counselling course tailored for those wanting to get married or those who are newly married. You can take part in it either before or after your wedding day, but we strongly recommend that you take part as soon as possible.

Individual session - £200

Joint session with your spouse - £250

Group session with other participants - £400 (cost shared by entire group)

The cost of these sessions are inclusive of trainer, preparation time and all course materials.


Online Booking - Initial Consultation Session

Please use the form below to request an initial consultation session. Once we receive your booking request, we will assign a mediator to you and arrange a meeting in accordance to your preferred times. Please ensure that the contact details you give us are accurate.

At the initial consultation session, we will discuss your issue(s) in detail, identify the stakeholders and some of the root causes of contention, and agree on a schedule for future meetings.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries about the process.

Please note that the booking fee for this consultation session is £50.

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