Matchmaking Muslim Family Matters

Finding the right spouse is probably one of the most difficult tasks we face during our lifetime.

Finding the right person is difficult enough, but actually getting married to them is also becoming increasingly complicated.

In Islam, the process of marriage should not become a burden. Yet prevalent cultural influences in our community are making it increasingly difficult for young men and women to tie the knot – from the ever-increasing costs of celebrity-style weddings, to the hurdles that family members insist upon in the name of tradition.

At Muslim Family Matters, we take a simple approach – we will help you find someone best suited to your personality, world view and social background. We'll then walk you through the entire process, helping you with approaching the families, arranging the nikah agreements, and any other help that you might need.

Here at Muslim Family Matters, we understand that the journey of getting married can be both difficult and daunting. And so, through our specialist Shariah Advisors and experienced personnel, we provide a host of services to help you at all stages of the process. For your convinience, we have split our Matchmaking Service to three distinct teams:

  1. Marriage Advice Team
  2. Marriage Search Team
  3. Nikah Arrangement Team