Level 1: Understanding Islamic Counselling

One day course exploring the concept of Islamic Counselling and Quran centred Counselling based on two Quranic principles of ‘Reflection’ and ‘restoration’. The course addresses the root causes of abnormal behaviour, anxiety, stress and conflict.

Level 2: Understanding your heart, mind and soul

One day course exploring the inner-dimensions of human life, in particular, the role of Aql (mind), Rooh (spirit), Nafs (soul) and Qalb (heart) in our life, and how to develop a sound mind and purify your soul and heart through Quran Centred Counselling.

Level 3: Understanding the world of Jinns (and Satanic illnesses & remedies)

One day course exploring the world of Jinns, their interaction with human beings, and the possible dangers posed to human life. Covering various kinds of sickness including possessions, black magic, witchcraft, and evil eye.


Level 1: Conflict Resolution in Islam - Understanding the causes of conflicts

This one day course will look at how Islam perceives conflicts and disputes, what are the underlying causes of conflicts from an Islamic perspective, and how Islam encourages, warns and empowers individuals to abstain from any kind of conflicts.

Level 2: Islamic Mediation course - Understanding the methods of resolution

This one day course will explore the concept of Conciliation, Arbitration and Mediation in Islam, along with differentiating between Counselling, Mediation and Coaching. The course will also focus on how not to be emotionally influenced or being bias, judgemental and unfair to any party involved in any form of dispute.


Marriage Preparation Course - Searching for a compatible Spouse

One day course exploring the characteristics of a pious spouse, how and where to look for a compatible spouse, how to look into and handle a suitable proposal. The course will also look into how to conduct marriages smoothly and cost effectively, along with handling appropriately cultural and religious issues within marriage and family life context.

Marriage Foundation Course - Strengthening the foundation of your marriage

“A perfect honeymoon gift tailored for newly married couples”. One day course focusing on core objectives of marriage, role of spouses, core values of family life and how to maintain a lasting relationship. The course will also explore the causes of family conflicts and instability, and how to manage the conflict while striving for family happiness and stability. This course will also introduce a new CUCA programme (Communication, Understanding, Consultation and Appreciation) for long term family prosperity.


Islamic Parenting Course

This one day course will explore the concept of Islamic parenting, and how to acquire parenting skills, along with shifting the position of parents from delegation to facilitation in raising the children. The course will also enable parents, carers, older siblings and teachers to instil maturity, sense of responsibility and leadership within children, so that our children become the comfort of our eyes.