Islamic Counselling Courses by Sheikh Fahim

Posted on Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Islamic Counselling Courses by Sheikh Fahim

Islamic Counselling: Level 1
Understanding Islamic Counselling

Course Overview:
This one day course will explore the concept of Islamic Counselling and Quran centred Counselling based on two Quranic principles of 'Reflection' and 'restoration'.The course will also address the root causes of abnormal behaviour, anxiety, stress and conflict, and the need for Islamic Counselling to help yourself or others to manage this life appropriately and be successful in the Hereafter.

Topics include:

  • Understanding counselling
  • Understanding Islamic counselling
  • Understanding the difference between Counselling, Mediation and Coaching
  • Understanding the root causes of abrupt behaviour
  • Overcoming stress, anxiety and difficulties
  • Separating deeds from person and facts from feelings

Islamic Counselling: Level 2
Understanding Heart, Mind and Soul

Course Overview:
This one day course will explore the inner-dimensions of human life, in particular, the role of Aql (mind), Rooh (spirit), Nafs (soul) and Qalb (heart) in our life, and how to develop a sound mind and purify your soul and heart through Quran Centred Counselling. The course will also look into the entrance of Satan to the Qalb (heart) and how to seek protection through Dhikr (remembrance) and Dua (supplication). 

Topics include:

  • Understanding the inner dimensions (Aql, Rooh, Nafs and Qalb)Developing a sound mind (Aql)
  • Purification of the Soul (Rooh & Nafs)
  • Purification of the Heart (Qalb)
  • Satan's entrance to the Heart (Qalb)
  • Supplication (Dua & Munajaat)

Islamic Counselling: Level 3
Understanding the World of Jinns and Satanic Illnesses & Remedies

Ever wanted to know about the world of the unseen?

  • Do I suffer from Jinn possession?
  • What is black magic?
  • Evil eye, is there such thing?
  • How do I protect myself?

MFM has launched its first one day intensive World of Jinns Course.

Why attend?

At the end of the course you should:

  • Have gained a better understanding of the existence and the world of Jinns.
  • Have acquired basic knowledge of various kinds of sickness & harm caused by Jinns
  • Have gained adequate knowledge of Quranic Prpohetic remedies for satanic illnesses
  • Have explored a range of Quranic and Prophetic daily Adhkar for seeking protection against the evil Jinns.
  • Be able to differentiate between permissible and impressible remedies and treatments

FREE course handbook

Each participant will receive a full detailed course handbook specially compiled by Sheikh Fahim. The course handbook guide you through all topics covered in the course.

'"He who eats seven Ajwa dates every morning, will not be affected by poison or magic on the day he eats them." [Sahih al-Bukhari, no. 5130]